You did it! You just joined the fastest growing movement for small business owners and leaders in the country that makes YOUR world and those around you a better place.

NICE WORK: You’re now a DSBE Creopreneur and we are pumped to have you with us.

CONGRATS: The decision you just made to participate plus the action to follow through placed you in a rapidly expanding community of thousands of business owners and leaders across the nation committed to becoming better.  The most important step for all to develop and evolve is the decision to take action toward progressive improvement.  By saying “yes” today you have successfully taken a giant step in the right direction and that’s something to be proud of.

YOUR EXPERIENCE: To maximize your experience with this platform, we suggest you familiarize yourself with all the ways to give and receive, starting with this website.  The DSBE website serves as the hub for our ever-expanding community, events, resources, tools, and support.  We encourage everyone to save this website (www.dsbexclusive.com) as a bookmark and directly in your toolbar so you can regularly see who is joining, what’s happening, and how it relates to you and your business.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Please add support@defiantenterprises.com into your email contacts so you can continue to receive information pertaining to the benefits of being part of the DSBE Movement and many of the invitation sent directly to you.

SUPPORT:  When you need help the DSBE Support Team is here for you and available through our website or email (support@defaintenteprises.com) at any time.

WHAT FIRST?  If you have not done so, I’d begin by checking the “Events” and get those you can attend on your calendar before those times can consumed by something else.

MORE:  Those who are looking to become Subject Matter Experts, Spotlight Speakers or Guests, or Sponsors, feel free to click through some of the info on our website or feel free to reach out to the Support Team to set up time to chat.

HOW YOU CAN HELP:  We are aggressively looking to expand our community with our FREE platform, but only with small business owners and leaders who are committed to grow, develop, and evolve.  If you know others in this category that can give and receive value to the DSBE Movement please tell them about us and ask them to visit our website or contact our Support Team for more information or next steps.

GRATEFUL:  Lastly, we are beyond grateful to have you and hope this decision today can be one of the most memorable days that changed your life.

Lets’ Grow!!!