There is a Completely Different Way to Grow

that allows you, the entrepreneur, to be free to create…

We know how challenging it can be to grow your business while simultaneously running your company without enough time, money, and help. It’s brutal. Despite plenty of motivation, it is intensely frustrating, and often crushing, to experience growth, only to add a ton of extra activities and responsibilities on top of your already insanely busy schedule and then watch everything unravel when you can’t figure out how to continue hunting for new clients while keeping the one’s you have and pretending to be a part-time leader of your team, if there even is a team…

But what if there is a different way to approach growth so that you can have it all? What if the traditional model needs a fresh look? What if you and other entrepreneurs alike were free to create? We think a shift is needed for entrepreneurs to free them from “the grind” and breathe life back into their adventurous soul. To lift their spirit and use their gift of creativity – to do what they are born to do – to be disruptors, change agents, innovators of our future. We are referring to the insanely busy small business owners – where nearly every notable innovation in history has originated. We believe that amazing things can happen when this select group of forward thinkers is set free to unlock their imagination.

Nearly all entrepreneurs start off with big dreams before making payroll and paying bills and doing all the rest of the “things” takes over. While all aspects of running a business are important, “doing” is not the best use of these unique minds. Yet, sadly most are trapped in activities outside of their genius eroding their energy and passion and erasing their purpose. The traditional way of business ownership produces doers instead of creators which robs the earth of the best ideas never to be created…

In the name of Creative Freedom, we are committed to leading a movement for a new way to grow. One that allows entrepreneurs the freedom to think, to lead, to innovate, to create and solve problems differently. We want to build, in power and numbers, a Creative Legion of risk takers and thought leaders with new ideas fueled by deep passion and purpose to make the world and those in it better. We want entrepreneurs that are tired of being handcuffed to “doing” and ready to get back to “creating.” We want to develop a new definition of successful small business owners – we want Creopreneurs, the creators of the future.

Together we will be defiant against the old way of having our small business own us and free to use our imagination and bring new and different ideas to the world. Join the Creative Legion with Defiant Small Business Exclusive (DSBE) as we aggressively expand our movement by adding as many entrepreneurs willfully converting to Creopreneurs for the cause. It’s time for a new age of entrepreneurs where growth is done differently, and small business owners are free to create.

A world of Creative Freedom.

Who is DSBE For?

We want insanely busy entrepreneurs of small businesses that are looking for something different to propel them forward for something bigger than themselves. Something that will grow their business while allowing them freedom to lead, create, and innovate. We want those ready for new way to approach growth so they can get back to using their gift of creativity and imagination.

After nearly twenty-five years of grinding through creating, owning, leading, managing, operating, and producing for several small businesses while collaborating and interacting with thousands of entrepreneurs in a long list of verticals our Founder settled on a single purpose of providing a platform specifically designed for other insanely busy small business owners to grow in a different way. Not for the sake of growth, but rather for the creative freedom and all the wonderful results that come with it.

How We Are Different

Currently, there are a ton of fantastic events, groups, communities, and venues that address the needs of networking, to education, training, peer advisory, and so on… In fact, many of which are Sponsors or Affiliates of DSBE. These organizations and offerings are not competitors but rather advocates. DSBE is not to be compared to other platforms, events, associations, or organizations, we promote all that add value to the Creopreneurs in our movement and welcome them to join our cause. DSBE is a movement, an ideology, for the future of small business and more so for the freedom of entrepreneurs to create – to become Creopreneurs.

What is a DSBE Creopreneur?

A supporter of the movement toward implementing a new and different way to grow small businesses where the entrepreneur is free from doing and elevates to creating. They must be a small business owner or leader of a company with less than $40M in annual revenue and less than 200 employees that sell products or services for the B2B space. The companies can range widely in industry or vertical as well as their maturity as a business, but what must be present is a desire to continue to grow something bigger than themselves for a cause bigger than themselves.

What is a Subject Matter Expert (SME)?

Is a recognized authority, thought leader, or provider of products/services for small businesses.  An SME is not required to own or hold an executive position in an organization to qualify.

What is a Spotlight Speaker?

Is a recognized authority or thought leader that can provide the DSBE community with an idea, experience, knowledge, tips, techniques, or other valuable information to be applied to an Creopreneur’s conceptual framework or directly to their life or business. A Spotlight Speaker is not required to own or hold an executive position in an organization to qualify.

What is a DSBE Sponsor?

A person or company that invests in DSBE for advertising or promotional purposes to support the movement and gain exposure in our Creative Legion.

Join the Movement

There are four main ways to get involved in the DSBE movement including becoming a Supporter, Subject Matter Expert (SME), Spotlight Speaker, or DSBE Sponsor. Click on any option to the right to complete a short form to engage the DSBE Support Team.
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What is Included?

A ton. And all for free! Yes, free! This is a movement, not a product or service. Our Founder became tired of the grind of small business ownership shared by millions around the globe, where the business owns you and steals years of creativity while buried in activities outside of your genius and full potential. After nearly three decades of collaboration with some of the best minds in the small business arena, a new framework has emerged that allows entrepreneurs to approach growth differently and we want every entrepreneur to know about it.

DSBE is a different platform that drives the ideology of pipeline optimization and delivers the connections, events, resources, tools, and support needed to implement the new model of small business growth. Not just any growth, but a new, different way to grow that understands the life of an entrepreneur and builds a system around them so they continue to rise as a leader and an innovator instead of being consumed by day-to-day tasks. If you are ready to grow differently, join us for the small business growth movement and bring creativity back to the entrepreneur.

Creopreneur Benefits

All DSBE Creoprenuers will experience the driving force of this movement in power and quantity with an exclusive community of small business owners and leaders throughout the nation committed to making a difference.

As a Creopreneur you will also have unlimited access to all virtual events, online resources and tools, as well as our support team.

(Simply click on each icon below to learn more about our Creopreneur Benefits)

Creopreneur Legion

Exclusive Access to a Powerful and Expanding Number of Business Owners and Leaders


Unlimited Access to All High-Impact Virtual Events to Drive New Growth and Creativity


Unrestricted Access to All Online Small Business Resources and Tools for New Growth Implementation


Full Access to our Support Team Ready to Assist in Producing a Remarkable Experience as a Creopreneur

DSBE Creopreneur Legion

Who Makes Up the Creopreneur Community?

The DSBE New Growth Movement is made up of an ever-increasing number of entrepreneurs, small business owners and leaders throughout the nation committed to a new and different way to grow that frees them from doing and elevates them to creating. Our legion holds deep passion and purpose for building something bigger than themselves for a cause bigger than themselves. Every Creopreneur desires freedom from the grind to allow their mind to serve as agents of creativity and innovation for the greater good. In this movement we all look to help one another achieve a shared goal – growing our business while elevating ourselves to a position of unlimited innovative expression and creative freedom.

Membership Events

What are Events?

All DSBE Creopreneurs will receive unlimited access to all DSBE virtual events that bring incredible energy, education, and provocation toward a new and different way to grow and lead a small business.

The Events Calendar, found online, has multiple monthly events, purposely scheduled at diverse times to give all busy executives plenty of chances to attend.  Our events concentrate on various topics within our six pillars (networking, growth, scalability, profitability, risk management, and leadership) to provide developmental breakthroughs for evolution and progression toward achieving creative freedom.

Miss an event? No problem. For DSBE Creopreneurs you will have access online to archives, resources, and tools for all topics discussed during the online events and more. Strong participation and attendance are highly recommended, but not required to capture the benefits of joining the movement.

During each event, it is our promise to adhere to a clear purpose with a disciplined agenda focused on growing your business using a different methodology to free you from getting buried in the day-to-day. DSBE holds our commitment to always start on time, end on time, and provide high value to all Creopreneurs every time.

Membership Resources

What are the Resources?

All Creopreneurs have unlimited access to our online Resource Center full of archives, content, collateral, tools, links, and more for implementing the new small business growth strategies and framework to their business. Also included is The Exchange (an inter-community forum for needs and leads requests) and The Support Center (access to our support team). DSBE continues to evolve perpetually adding more value to the DSBE community while progressively investing in technology and various advancements.

DSBE Support Team

What Support Do You Offer?

DSBE Creopreneurs have full access to our online Support Center to connect with our Support Team, resources, and tools. Our tools and resources are there to aid with the fundamentals and our team of professionals are ready to assist in maximizing your business growth and DSBE experience.

The Support Team is armed with the capabilities to provide guidance, training, and suggestions or solutions to challenges or requests you have along the way.  We are dedicated to your success and committed to delivering a remarkable experience.

Explore Ways to Get Involved

There are four main ways to get involved in the DSBE movement including becoming a Supporter, Subject Matter Expert (SME), Spotlight Speaker, or DSBE Sponsor. Click on any option to the right to complete a short form to engage the DSBE Support Team.
DSBE Creopreneur
DSBE Sponsorship
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